The 5 Strangest Secret Organizations in the DC Universe


    There are several secret societies or secret organizations that are not only terrible and dangerous, but also strange in the DC Comics universe. The world in DC Comics is actually built by various secret organizations that have a major influence on the survival of life. The real example is how the Court of Owl managed to control all aspects of life in the city of Gotham.

There are also secret organizations that actually target world power or other terrible things. However, among the many secret organizations that have appeared or been introduced to the DC Comics universe, there are some that are considered strange. For example, turning someone into an animal or having the same goal, namely revenge against the same figure.

Monster Society Of Evil

There are several DC hero characters who are known for the series of villains they face which are very interesting and also terrible. However, this does not apply to Shazam, where the various monsters and villains he has faced are sometimes very ridiculous. Geeks may know of some slick names from Shazam's villains, such as Dr. Sivana and also Black Adam.

However, maybe not many geeks know that Shazam has ever faced a villain who is a space worm from the planet Venus named Mr. mind. It was he who then gathered all the villains that Shazam had faced and defeated, and then formed a secret organization called the Monster Society of Evil. What's epic is that even in this group there was also the figure of Adolf Hitler.

Wildebeest Society

Wildebeest Society is one of the strangest villains ever faced by the teenage hero group, the Teen Titans. In the history of its appearance, Teen Titans has faced many dangerous criminal organizations. However, of the many enemies they had faced, perhaps the most unusual foe was the Wildebeest Society.

First appearing in New Teen Titans Vol 2 #36, this strange secret organization has activities that are both strange and scary. The Wildebeest Society derives income for their operations through various nefarious things, including genetic manipulation. They turn someone into an unwanted figure, like Rosabelle Mendez who gets turned into Baby Wildebeest. Unfortunately, this strange secret organization didn't live long after one of the characters managed to take over and destroy the group.

Guild Of Detection

Perhaps, this is a "strange" secret organization in another sense. The Guild of Detection first appeared in Detective Comics (Vol 1) #1000, where in the story it was shown how Batman discovered a secret organization that had existed thousands or even millions of years ago. Several characters such as Batman, Detective Slam Bradley, and The Question even try to reveal information about the organization.

Secret Society Of Super-Villains

There are several versions of the Secret Society Of Super-Villains that have succeeded in carrying out their mission in the DC universe. As the name implies, this organization is a collection of various villains. Darkseid who gathered the villains. They are the villains who have faced and threatened the lives of the Justice League. Deathstroke even joined this organization.

Deathstroke even has an important role in the secret organization better known as the Society, especially during the Infinite Crisis. While there are impressive versions, there are also versions from the Society which are disappointing. Unfortunately, the fate of this organization is uncertain because DC Comics is starting to rarely feature them.

Superman Revenge Squad

Superman is one of the popular characters in DC Comics, where he is even one of the first characters to appear in the comics. With his appearance spanning centuries, it's clear Superman has a long list of enemies or villains he's faced. Some decided to accept their defeat, but some others tried to avenge the defeat.

This is what then becomes the motivation for the villains who are members of the Superman Revenge Squad. They only have one mission, which is to avenge their defeat by Superman. Unfortunately, although there have been various versions of Superman Revenge Squad so far they have been shown to always fail in attempts to avenge Superman. Interestingly, in another alternate universe there is a similar organization called Superboy Revenge Squad.

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